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Hi, I'm Nicole!
I am a wedding photographer based in Germany, near Düsseldorf,
and I work all across Europe.
My focus is on capturing emotions and moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.
I strive to capture genuine, authentic, and emotional moments that will remind you
of your special day forever.

Become more familiar with me...

I'm a creative optimist with heart and blood!

I love my life and the joy of laughter - love - dimples - sunshine, no matter what time of year - design - fashion - cute little villages - inspiring stories from wonderful people - the peace and quiet in the morning, but also the sunset - good books and magazines - yoga - quotes - doing good - helping and donating!

My life...

The first picture shows me hiking in the mountains. I love looking at the wonders of nature with my husband and being close to them!

Speaking of...yes, I am married! ;)

And incredibly proud of what I have already achieved in my business! I love my job and you, my clients, and all the love that comes from you! That's why I'm so happy about the publication in Vogue!

When we want to enjoy a break, we go to our favorite village in the Netherlands.

With the first breath we arrive and on the beach we connect with the sea and it's feel like home!